Udder Uterus

Bag Design

Jan. 2020

As a species, we have gotten so far away from our raw natural state, that we see our periods as an inconvenience and our uterus as an expendable organ to be conquered and controlled rather than honored and nurtured. The udder-uterus-universe bag as a fashion statement aim to honer  our body nature.


I created three shape in the 3D Software capture the sence of the naure of Udder Uterus and Universe which has the breathing energy and quality  from the center. The motionful  sense give those three structure so much emtion of the nuture life that we are honring 
I  extract the skeleton from those three shape and transforms them into wearrable bags that bacome a fashion statement remains us be honest to the nature and be honer to the life. 
The CNC wood structure enable me to modle my vege-taned leather and let it stay in the shape of the 3D forms I created. 

Cyber Tea

Tea-set Design

May. 2020

Oolon is an imaginative tea space with expressive tea toolset helping people escape from cybersex addition. aiming to raise the awareness of people loses self-esteem in the promiscuity and perversion of cybersex age.  
 There‘s this pull to get online and find the places that produce heightened pleasure — in that way, it is like a drug. But after the computer is turned off, there’s this loss of self-esteem. Personal relationships in a world where coronavirus is deadlier than computer viruses.”


Plus I

Footwaer Design

Feb. 2019

High heel designed for club phobia.
Empowering wearer the sense of elevation  while not increasing shoe height.
Shape inspired by messy club brawl scense.

是为夜店恐惧症人群设计的高跟鞋, 在不增加鞋本身高度的前提下 为恐惧人群“增高”从而获得力量

Plus II

Jewlery Design

Jan. 2019

I was grown up in a Chinese Disco Club--My father run a dancing hall business when I was a tiny girl. endless fighting happens in my daily life. People get drunk and broke glasses. I didn't go to the club anymore since the business ended. Numourls people like me with clubbing-phobia can't join the club like normal ones. Therefore, by using double, or even triple copies of the cocktail base, I try to merge the glasses base with our hand's knuckles consequently, re-placing the formal metal punching ring with this petal shape ring. Re-building our nature with originality and authenticity Empowering ourselves by our own body instead of out soucing.

The biggest challenge was to merge the knuckles shape with the circular base. I didn't leave enough space for the knuckles movement for the first time, which can only alow fist gesture. So I change the shape into a semi-circle ring. I then build the shape in the 3D software and 3D printed it with resin for the metal casting.




Stale Beer, Fat Fucked,
Smoked Out, Cowpoked
Sequinned Mountain Ladies
Fiddly Digits, Itchy Britches
Washrooms Smell,
They Could Be Cleaner
Stench Of Cigarettes
And Stale Urea
Prodigal son wants to return
To where the dogs play pool"


Tool Design 

Jan. 2019

A hybrid of Grace wax tablet with the modern office stationary tool to re-incorporate writing ritual into digitized working space.

Wax surface leave marks with scratching.

The wax sticker let you write down slowly, and think deeply in this promptly world.

The wax rulers mark the length of the objects but eliminate the perfect number.

The wax clock tell people time period instead of the precise time.